westmead hospital


design once...build right


Let's deliver a safer building and occupant environment. 

From seismic bracing, seismic restraint, vibration isolation engineering design, to product supply and certification, at Eurofast we are committed to providing sustainable, cost effective solutions for your project.


Our engineers will keep you code compliant and our project managers will follow through with consistent professional support for the duration of your project.

design for life

"I’ve worked with Eurofast on numerous tier one mechanical projects. James & his team have been my go-to subcontractor for steel, structural & seismic solutions for a number of years. They’ve delivered the goods regardless of the challenges involved & I’ve come to rely on them. Their products & solutions are always cost-effective & provided on time." - Tim Hockey, Climatech

call: 1300 271 170   email: sales@eurofastglobal.com

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