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Seismic Bracing and Vibration Isolation for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing   

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Let's deliver a safer building and occupant environment. 

AS1170.4 Section 8 

From seismic bracing, seismic restraint, vibration isolation, seismic engineering design, seismic anchors, offsite fabrication including wire rope suspension kits to seismic certification, at Eurofast we are committed to providing sustainable, cost effective solutions for your project.


Our engineers will keep you code compliant and our project managers will follow through with consistent professional support for the duration of your project.

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vibration isolation

  • Spring Vibration Isolators

  • Neoprene Isolation Mounts

  • Spring Isolation Hangers

  • Neoprene Isolation Hangers

  • Thrust Restraints

  • Flexible Piping Connectors

  • Flexible Ductwork Connections

  • Waffle and Shear Flexible Pad


seismic engineering

  • Seismic Bracing Calculations

  • Seismic Bracing Layouts

  • Equipment Seismic Design 

  • Product Certification

  • Seismic Code Review

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Structural Analysis

  • Cooling Tower Support Design

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seismic products

  • Cable/Wire Bracing Kits

  • Rigid Seismic Bracing

  • Rod Stiffeners

  • Seismic Snubbers and Clips

  • Seismic CantiBrace 

  • Seismic DuctBrace

  • Seismic Beam Clamps

  • Seismic and Approved Anchors

  • Seismic Fixings

Custom riser seismic support brackets fo

offsite fabrication

  • Inertia Base Frames

  • Structural Steel Bases

  • Roof Top Supports

  • Equipment Frames

  • Seismic Shaft Risers

  • Computer Room Floor Stands

  • Wire Rope Suspension Kits

  • Ready-to-go Strut Cutting

  • Strut Framing


seismic onsite

  • Education Seminars   

  • Education Webinars       

  • Kit Installer Training          

  • Vibration Isolation Techniques  

  • Concrete Anchor Installation

  • Seismic Bracing Install Techniques

  • AS1170.4 Quality Assurance

  • Site Inspections