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vibration isolation

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems inside buildings create vibrations which can affect sensitive equipment and cause structure-borne noise.


Eurofast does vibration isolation design, analysing equipment installations and selecting appropriate vibration and isolation products to effectively meet background noise and vibration criteria.

Eurofast vibration isolation products have been used to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment onto a building structure, support, isolate and suspend mechanical equipment, and to protect equipment from damage during seismic activity on many projects.


We manufacture and test all our vibration isolation products locally.

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seismic engineering

The building code defines the various requirements and minimum standard for structures and associated non-structural components to withstand loads from natural events, such as earthquakes.


Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in buildings need to be braced to prevent excessive movement during earthquakes, in accordance with the Building Code.  Certain systems under specific weights and sizes may be exempt from bracing, but navigating the various rules can be challenging.


Our seismic engineering team is intimately familiar with industry standard guidelines and can produce mark-up drawings that indicate bracing locations to ensure code compliance,

customising seismic bracing, seismic restraints, supports and attachments

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

seismic products

Eurofast offers an extensive range of seismic bracing products for suspended and floor mounted MEP components.


Our seismic brace cable kits come in a variety of configurations and multiple mounting brackets. Our cables are made from pre-stretched cable and are color coded according to size.

We also offers various rigid mounting brackets that are designed to easily attach to the equipment and piping as a post or 45 degree angle and utilize strut or angle as the rigid brace. 


Seismic restraint snubbers are used to restrain mechanical equipment during a seismic event. Our snubbers are designed to decelerate the seismic force input to the equipment while also restraining the equipment to the building structure. They are designed to work with our vibration isolators

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offsite fabrication


At Eurofast we have helped many electrical and mechanical projects with solutions where the usual seismic bracing options have not been feasible, these have included offsite fabricated roof supports, riser brackets and  bracing, fabricated plantroom frames and duct, pipe and cable supports.


On top of our design service for custom products, we fabricate frames for heavy duty roof-top equipment, such as air handling units, chillers and cooling towers etc.


All designs are engineered and certified by our in house structural engineers.

We do specialized seismic bracketry

which is custom designed and made and are well engineered and manufactured to specification as required.


onsite services

Eurofast provides onsite engineering and management services for our clients.


Our services range from education of installation staff to project inspections and certification.


Our engineers are seismic code experts who are looking to help you achieve code compliance and proper system/equipment isolation, with the least amount of labour and extra cost possible.


We find solutions to site specific problems.