EuroLearn Webinar Series in October!!

Did you know that 80% of buildings that are being constructed today are cutting out crucial engineering design, certification and installation on non-structural components, leaving a shortfall in safety during and after an #earthquake

Calling on all building owners, architects and builders to join us at Eurofast Seismic for the first of 4 CPD seismic webinars on this important subject Featuring Jordan Bartlett, Dale Carr, Lachlan Dalziel and James Fooks at 11.00am-12.00pm AEDT, 13/Oct/21.

Webinar 1: Guide to what is required in my building

Webinar 2: Guide on how to write a specification

Webinar 3: Guide on seismic bracing and restraint products

Webinar 4: Guide to understanding seismic for certifying projects

By engineering and building a safer environment for occupants....together we are saving lives.


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