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health projects

Safeguarding the most vulnerable of our community is a priority for our team at Eurofast.  We are committed to providing safe and secure facilities, and ensuring they are protected even in the event of unexpected natural disasters.

Eurofast health projects across Australia include public and private hospitals, health clinics, ambulance bases and aged care facilities.

Westmead Hospital.jpg

commercial projects

Eurofast has been involved in many commercial projects. These spaces range from multistorey office buildings and manufacturing plants to retail shopping centres, including facilities management refurbishments and replacements and office fit outs.


Each commercial construction project varies in size and effort and is unique in its own way.  The one common point of convergence is the safety and protection of the lives that use these facilities every day.  At Eurofast, the human element is the most important consideration no matter what type of project we take on.

infrastructure projects

Thousands of lives rely on the integrity of our infrastructure system every day.  Keeping our roads and tunnels safe and taking necessary precautions in the design phase is key to protecting those lives, especially in the case of unexpected and potentially devastating natural events.

Fast tracking major projects is also a major focus, keeping our roads efficient and traffic disruption to a minimum.

Eurofast seismic and prefabrication projects include tunnels, rail operations and government infrastructure control facilities across Australia.


education projects

Eurofast is dedicated to protecting our education facilities, ensuring our future is preserved and damage is minimised in the event of a natural disaster.

We have significant experience with public and private schools, TAFE and universities, delivering to a broad range of education sector construction projects.


Our learning environments are a safe haven rather than a potential danger to lives and our future.


data centres

As data centres become more and more prevalent in this digital and carbon-conscious age, large and small companies are increasingly taking advantage of the operational efficiencies they offer.

Protecting precious lives and valuable equipment is of paramount importance, and Eurofast is honoured to be involved in the engineering process keeping property and personnel safe.

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